Flat iron – a convenient tool for curling hair

Hair curling with the flat iron is a new and rather original way to wind hair. You can not create tight locks, in this case, but you can get a wavy hair. The preparation for the process is the same as for curling with a curling iron: the hair must be clean and dry, and also treated with a thermal protection spray. You can also divide the hair into parts or zones and process them in turn.
To properly wind hair with a flat iron, heat it to the desired temperature, and then grab the strand, retreating a few centimetres from the roots. Wrap the strand around the ironing in the direction of the head so that it covers the irons on top of the flat iron. While you hold the lock, lead the iron down to the ends of the hair, then gently release the hair. Obtained locks must always be fixed with varnish.

Few things to remember when you choose flat iron for your hair.

When you choose the best hair straightener, it is also called styler; you need to take it seriously, especially, if you are planning to use it quite often. The qualitative device allows to wind hair quickly and practically does not spoil the hair.
Some flat irons are absolutely not suitable for making curls. Stylers with thick plates and sharp angles are not good for this purpose. For the straightening, the device should have rounded tips.

From the first time this may seem not quite a convenient method of curling hair, but after training, you will understand how universal this device is. Having learned how to use an iron as a curler, you can combine in one device two possibilities for creating hairstyles: curling and straightening.
That is an excellent feature when you are travelling.