Is it convenient to program on a laptop?

John Wood answer.

How do you say…….. In my deep conviction – no! But from such an answer it will not be easier for anyone.
If you imagine an ideal picture of the world, then much will not fit into it.
The ideal option to sit in a comfortable chair, in a house with a view of the sunset in front of a big computer stuffed with everything that is possible!
But the realities of our life are different.

We are always in a hurry somewhere. People distract us, relatives, and the whole world in general. Programmers people are keen on their business sometimes, when not laziness.
I have determined for myself what I personally need for work, but whether it will be convenient for you, I do not know.
I am ready to list:

A monitor of 15 inches seems too big to me to keep it on my lap in the transport. I often go, so it’s important. So I chose 13 “- the optimal screen for programming.

It is important that the laptop is lightweight.

Particular attention was paid to layout and keyboard. The keys should be large enough, and the arrows should be comfortable.

I do not need the Internet on the transport. It distracts me.
A good video card and processor, too, it would be nice to have.

Charging should be kept at least 5 hours.
Is it comfortable to program on a laptop? The answer is yes! You can, and you just need to find your model!
It’s always the very personal choice. Try to compare different opinions. Go on the special website – laptops for programming and try to gather information. If you are a beginner, any way you have to start with something.

Try to determine first, the size of a laptop. The convenient size also plays a role how comfy you will feel.