Is the frame-free monitor convenient?

Despite the abundance of information on the Internet, it ‘s hard to find an accurate answer.
Why do you need a monitor without a frame? And is it convenient?

As in everything else in life, it is important to determine what goal you are pursuing. For certain purposes, it is simply not possible to dispense with a frameless monitor.

To broadcast advertising in stores, for example, you need such monitors. Mounting large screens would not be possible without such it. Of course, not only stores need this. Any large screen area is much more convenient with frameless monitors.

The composition itself looks more impressive and better.

Some use such monitors for computer games. Fans of large screens often make up their screen from several monitors.

At the exhibitions of novelties, well-known manufacturers of monitors represent novelties including the frameless monitor.

Let’s look at an abstract frameless monitor with a high-quality display for example with a diagonal of 32 inches and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, with accurate color reproduction. The manufacturer claims that the novelty will appeal to photographers and designers as well as professionals working with video content.

Such a monitor is still interesting because the thickness of the frames on the sides and at the top of the display is almost nonexistent, which contributes to the formation of configurations from several monitors. That’s what we talked about at the beginning.

That is a very convenient model of course. But if your purposes do not include computer games competitions, then you better get a standard monitor with a frame.
Do not overpay extra money for something that does not come in handy.
Sometimes such monitors are used at home if you are creating a composition for a home cinema for example.

Anyway, just determine your purposes before buying anything!